Looking after our future

We are very proud to have taken the necessary steps towards the creation of a culture, processes and products, that respect our communities, our peers, and the environment.

But the road ahead is long and we must not stop to constantly aim for better. This is how we do it.

Clean Beauty,
from creation to

We are strongly committed to adopt the best standards of environmental practices, increase resource efficiency, and promote responsible behavior across the entire manufacturing process.

Our approach to responsible packaging focuses on the following pillars: high recyclability, mono-material packaging, eliminating red flag plastics, and switching to bio-based resins.

Our certifications

We are
our people

We put great care in the wellbeing and happiness of our employees by supporting their personal and professional growth, and guaranteeing an inclusive and safe working environment.

Training, the Pibiplast Academy for professional production technicians, gender equality promotion  are just a few of the initiatives we constantly put in place to foster our people and culture.

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Business Integrity

A company that depends on its innovation and is aware that innovation comes from its people. To assure the best environment for new ideas, a safe working environment and employee well-being are always taken into account when taking any major decision.

A strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

We follow a code of behaviour and good practice to respect the environment and our worker’s health and safety.