Pibiplast at Paris Packaging Week with the first new products for 2023

9 months ago

The company will present its new products, created in response to the new market demand for packaging that's user-friendly, beautifully designed and with low environmental impact


The solutions presented are the result of a meticulous study of market trends, which points to new demands by customers, emerging particularly since the pandemic.

Of these, one of the most prominent is the preference for all-in-one cosmetics. Beauty products need to be on the one hand increasingly high-performance in terms of formulation and, on the other, with packaging that offers a pleasant and convenient user experience. Traditional packaging is therefore increasingly becoming a genuine system for dosing and delivery, designed to maximise yield and facilitate application of the product.

Also growing in importance is the appearance of the product, which needs to be ever more attractive and fun, especially for younger consumers. Make-up products are no longer seen as an accessory solely for use in the home, but rather for sharing, particularly on social media. Make-up packaging is therefore becoming increasingly Instagram-friendly, and some characteristics, such as texture and finish, are critical in buyers’ decisions. Consumers are also more concerned about the environmental impact of products, which is now a key issue in cosmetics.


New products presented at the fair include Drops, a versatile and modern line with minimalist design, consisting of a glass dropper and a completely recyclable PET bottle. Drops is available in three different sizes (15ml, 35ml and 50ml) and guarantees easy and accurate application of face and body products.

Another newcomer is Treats, an innovative line of packaging for high-quality face treatments in gel and cream form. Advanced no-flock applicators mean Treats can ensure excellent product application in one simple movement. The line consists of three applicators designed to ensure optimum application to every area of the face – T-zone, lips, eye area – and to work with different product formats, such as serums, creams and oils.

With the aim of offering packaging that looks cool, performs well and appeals to younger consumers, Pibiplast also presents Stardust, a line of tubes with a smart, elegant look and a sparkling iridescent finish, available in three colours. Stardust tubes are produced without additional lacquering, to limit environmental impact.