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Pibiplast at Cosmoprof 2023

1 year ago

On the occasion of the Cosmoprof cosmetics trade fair, Pibiplast is launching new, innovative products and collections developed to respond to the real needs of consumers.

Bologna 16th March – Present at Cosmoprof 2023, starting today in Bologna, is Pibiplast, the leading Italian developer and manufacturer of plastic packaging for make-up and personal care, which has always offered innovative, versatile solutions that combine performance and attention to detail.

At stand F/10-G/9, in Hall 15, Pibiplast will welcome industry experts to a completely immersive and unconventional space, with information on its product innovations presented in a multimedia, interactive way.

All the novelties to be presented at Cosmoprof 2023 are the fruit of long-running research and development at PIBI Lab, the company’s internal laboratory entirely dedicated to innovation, a privileged observatory of trends in the world of packaging for the beauty sector, and a meeting point for promoting, sharing and developing innovative ideas.


Inside the stand, there will be a space dedicated to the company’s innovations in the field of sustainability, including: Essentia, DUE, and PIBI Kind.

Essentia is a make-up packaging proposal made entirely of mono-materials, which is certainly a complex challenge for mascara, gloss and eyeliner packaging, which is generally made from different components and different types of raw materials.

DUE is the latest innovation coming out of the PIBI Lab: mascara packaging made up of only two components, that is, half of those you would normally expect. This makes it possible to reduce the weight of the packaging, and the number of production processes, thereby significant cutting consumption and impacts in terms of emissions.

However, PIBIPLAST has not limited itself it in its focus on the design of sustainable products. PIBI Kind is a product that comes, in particular, from research into sustainable decorative technologies.

PIBI Kind is a patent-pending, innovative technology that makes it possible to obtain a surface finish directly from the plastic transformation process that could otherwise only be achieved by painting or coating.