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New Skincare lines
from target group

1 year ago

From the innovations of PIBI Lab also come skincare lines that take inspiration from new target groups: Generation Z, Ageing (50+), and Men.

In terms of products designed primarily for Generation Z, Pibiplast offers its GLOW line, characterized by brightly coloured packaging and bold graphics, ideal for sharing on TikTok. For this line, bottles with a modern design were selected, accompanied by practical, high-performance closures, perfect for facial and multi-purpose products.

To respond to the needs of over 50 consumers who expect the highest performance from the product, Pibiplast will present SKIN.CO, a packaging line created for cosmoceutical formulations, that is, hybrid cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. The line includes a selection of bottles with a luxury design and an extremely high performance closure and dosing system.

The modern man is increasingly looking for products that meet his need for fast, effective skin care. Pibiplast will present the URBAN BRO line, designed for a man who is always on the go, but who doesn’t want to sacrifice his skincare routine. The line includes a selection of packaging with a minimal design, combined with ergonomic and practical closures.